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The Sequel: The C3 XPERIENCE Cupcakes - Coffee - Conversation...

This event did NOT disappoint! We ate, we laughed and we got into some deep conversation. The awesome panelist from all verses of life discussed everything from the single life, how your image impacts your brand, being grown and sexy, to marriage. 

Vendors were present to display their product and help promote the atmosphere. After breaking the ice and kicking back with a cookie, from Polly's of course... the conversation began. Let me tell you the audience did not hold back and we talked for hours!

"Image Impacts Your Brand", was very interesting. The panelist spoke about being humble and being ready. More importantly than image, the panelist spoke about surrounding yourself with the right kind of people. Link up with people who are established or are in the same industry that you are. Successful people can share a lot of information and help you along the way.

The last segment of the evening was about Marriage. The panelist, a married couple, spoke openly and honestly about how they met and some of the challenges they faced in their marriage and how they were able to overcome them. A very lovely and loving young couple who kicked solid knowledge. Some points they made were; marriage isn't about you. Marriage isn't an individual thing. The couple explained that you should have a heart to serve your spouse. They also discussed money, the importance of God in the relationship, how people change, establishing boundaries with family and friends and lastly how people evolve or change; especially in a marriage.

I cannot wait for the next event! Thank you to T.Marie for powering and moderating the evening. 

Polly's Homemade Confections Display

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