Did you know German Chocolate Cake isn't German?

One of my all time favorite cakes to bake is the German Chocolate Cake! It is so rich and has tones of full flavor from the coconut icing and dark chocolate cake. I'm not typically a fan of chocolate cake because it tends to be dry, but the German Chocolate cake is at the top of my list! Its a festive cake that the family is sure to love on any occasion!

But did you know that the German Chocolate cake isn't German? Actually, the cake originated when American baker Samuel German developed a type of dark baking chocolate for the Baker's Chocolate Company. The brand name of the product, Baker's German's Sweet Chocolate, was named in honor of him. The main ingredient used to make the cake is the dark baking chocolate and voila! German Chocolate Cake!

What's your favorite Chocolate Cake recipe?



Check out the German Chocolate cake I baked for a special order!

My homemade German Chocolate Cake

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